Marble Cladding, Natural Stone Cladding

Kar Maden Marble Cladding, Natural Stone Cladding

The marble facade cladding adds a unique characteristic atmosphere to the architecture. It is no accident that the Athens Acropolis, the Roman Coliseum Michelangelo’s David or Taj Mahal buildings were made of marble. Nowadays, architects and interior designers apply marble cladding to luxury villas exclusive hotels or corporate buildings or buildings seeking privilege.

With the coating, a complete natural stone appearance is created by applying only thin marble layers to the existing structure. Because marble is such a versatile and timeless material. it can be applied both indoors and outdoors and will look stylish for years.

Kar Maden marble coverings are cut to size from first class marble blocks extracted from our own mines. The marble will be used is prepared specially for you. By passing through processes such as sandblasting, brushing and polishing in our facilities. A building with a marble facade can use different shades of marble to create a pattern or give the building a more dynamic look. Like other types of cladding, marble serves as the first defense against the elements, preventing rain, dirt and wind from entering a building.

Marble cladding is a cladding material for structures made of thin marble panels. The veneer made of marble can be coated on many different building materials. It is possible to add or remove a marble veneer to a building according to the situation.

The marbles used in the coating of large buildings are first matted using the sandblasting method. Than their durability is refined by using various. Finally, it is brushed in accordance with the desired color tone and made ready for use by us.

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