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Bianco Pineta Marble Wall

Kar Maden Bianco Pineta Marble Wall Covering Collection

Kar Maden’s Bianco Pineta marble, reveals its magical beauty in the unique collection Bianco Pineta Marble Wall Covering Collection.

White marble walls and floors have a special charm. They exist since immemorial times in countless places around the world. Each period and area has printed a different style to every marble work and made it its own. The marble dignifies and elevates the work of the stone to the artistic category.

The house is an eclectic display of natural marble panels. Without too grandiose measures, the space emphasizes the innate elegant essence of rock veins compared to metallic modernity. Grigio Pineta is elegantly arranged in linear panel forms, while Bianco Pineta marble transforms the vein irregularity into a pure yet vibrant chevron pattern. Titanium-colored gilded stainless coatings depict a luxurious modernity along the way. As the sunlight shines through the curtain, the space produces eye-catching glows that culminate in luxurious but calm vibrations.

Natural building stones, which have been used as building elements since 4000 BC, have experienced bright and dull periods in their design and use over time. The demand of marble, which has decreased almost negligibly in the feature of carrier elements, has negatively affected its use as coating material, as the development of steel, glass, ceramic and carbon-based materials in the last two centuries. However, today, the development of environmental awareness, the beginning of return to nature and the desire of people to live more comfortably have given an increasing momentum to the demand for marble.

Marble design emerges with the correct use and application of aesthetics in architectural design. Marble design can be defined as visualizing product features and qualities.

Dusan Vukcevic