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Grigio Pineta Marble Living Room

Grigio Pineta Marble Living Room Design

We are starting a new era in your life with luxury living rooms prepared with the black and white nature of Grigio Pineta marble. We are redesigning your living space with new generation designs prepared in cooperation with Kar Maden and its solution partner Ris Interior. We realize the aesthetics of natural stone in your homes, offices or wherever you want, with our award-winning interior design project Van Der Vein.

Project İnfo
Ris Interior Design
Hsin Ting Weng, Shih Ting Hsu
Kar Maden, Grigio Pineta
Photo by Hey!Cheese Photography

Using Marble in Interior Design.

The living room is one of the most frequently used spaces in a home. For this reason, you should customize your spaces with designs that will create a change and refreshing effect. This customization, known as interior architecture, requires not only period aesthetics, but also the use of timeless pieces. With our Grigio Pineta marble living room design, we bring the natural stone structure we use to your homes and create that space you want for you. This product, which is a wonder of design, ranks first in the most preferred architectural design list of recent times.
The marble structure to be used in the interior design is applied directly on the wall. Due to its natural structure, its design, lines and the melody it offers offer you both aesthetic appearance and a peaceful space. Designed by Kar Maden, marble has more features contrary to what is believed.

Grigio Pineta Marble

Grigio Pineta marble, designed by taking the natural stone mentality as an example and taking its place in your homes, is one of the first examples of modernism. When we look at architectural structures, Grigio, which we designed inspired by the marble structure we frequently encountered in ancient times, is used as a reflection of elegance.
We added a new look to the marble structures used in the architectural structure since 4000 BC. We designed Grigio Pineta marble, aiming to offer you a different structure in line with the developing and increasing demand recently. We have prepared our marble structure, which has world-famous design awards, with natural lines that add spaciousness to the home. With the inspiration we got from the sun, we specially worked to reflect the light from our marble and provide peace to the environment.
With our Grigio Pineta Marble Living Room project, which we offer as Kar Maden, we become the pioneer of modernism in your homes. With this unique design, you can add a new atmosphere to your home.

Award-winning Design

2018 Golden Pin Design Award Winner, 2018 IF Design Award Winner, 2018 IDA Design Award Bronze and Honorable Mentioned, 2017-2018 A’design Silver Award Winner (Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category), 2017-2018 TINTA Gold Award for Interior Decoration, 2017-2018 Guangzhou Design Week 40 Under 40 Nominee (China), 2017 Modern Decoration International Media Award Nominee (China)