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Leyne Gold Home Interior Project

Live Antique Heritage With Leyne Gold

Natural stones are the symbols of nature, magical products that carry the riches of the past to the present. People use these natural stones as building material; The artists used this material in their works, keeping it alive until today, and used it indoors and outdoors.
Lene Gold is carefully prepared for you in the dimensions you want, in our marble quarry in Muğla-Yatağan District, in our factory located in the same location. It is a flamboyant type of marble that has been used since the Ancient Roman Empire. For this reason, Leyne Gold has the ability to be used comfortably in any area you want. Thanks to its color and texture, you can safely use it in every area with the Honing and Sandblasting techniques applied in our factory.

Kar Maden, Leyne Gold
fictional 3D Project
Kar Maden

Leyne Gold Interior Project

With Leyne Gold, you can catch the breeze of the past by using it in your living spaces. With Leyne Gold, you can internalize and assimilate nature by bringing water, especially wet floors (such as bathrooms, kitchens, washbasins, pools) together with water. Carrying the durability and aesthetics of marble in history until today; We can see it in the works. Trevi (Love Fountain), Michhelangelo’s David (David) Statue, Moses (Moses) Statue in Rome… The stone master Mimar Sinan in the Ottoman Empire immortalized them by using marble in their works. Especially in the Ottoman Empire, fountains, water dispensers and baths brought water together with marble and entrusted them to future generations. We can bring the dignity, dignity, nobility and tranquility of marble to living spaces.
In short, with Leyne Gold, you can experience the magic of the past, with health and safety, with the beauty of today, with the naturalness of aesthetic feelings, in your indoor and outdoor spaces, through Kar Maden.