Residential Living Room Marble Design

Residential Living Room Marble Design

Residential Living Room Marble Design. Award-winning interior residence design, designed by Kar Maden’s solution partner “Ris İnterior”, using the wonderful harmony of black and white marble. Van Der Vein.

Marble is one of the materials that make our living spaces look elegant. The marble, which once added a luxurious look to the line of our house, was not around for a while. Nowadays, with its renewed face, it continues to add aesthetics to the line of our house and to give it a luxurious appearance.

Natural building stones, which have been used as building elements since 4000 BC, have experienced bright and dull periods in their design and use over time. The demand of marble, which has decreased almost negligently in the feature of carrier elements, has negatively affected its use as coating material, as the development of steel, glass, ceramic and carbon-based materials in the last two centuries. However, today, the development of environmental awareness, the beginning of return to nature and the desire of people to live more comfortably have given an increasing momentum to the demand for marble. Marble design emerges with the correct use and application of aesthetics in architectural design.

The abode is an eclectic extravaganza of natural marble paneling. Without too sumptuous measures, the space accentuates the innate elegant essence of rock veins comparing to metallic modernity. Grigio carnico is gracefully arranged in linear paneling forms, while white Cherokee marble transforms its vein irregularity into chevron pattern, pure yet lively. Titanium color-gilded stainless trims delineate lavish modernity along the way. While sunlight shines through the curtain sheer, the space generates glamorous shimmers, culminating with luxury yet serene vibes for residence.

Ris Interior Design
Taichung city, Taiwan
Hsin Ting Weng, Shih Ting Hsu
Photo by Hey!Cheese Photography

2018 Golden Pin Design Award Winner, 2018 IF Design Award Winner, 2018 IDA Design Award Bronze and Honorable Mentioned, 2017-2018 A’design Silver Award Winner (Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category), 2017-2018 TINTA Gold Award for Interior Decoration, 2017-2018 Guangzhou Design Week 40 Under 40 Nominee (China), 2017 Modern Decoration International Media Award Nominee (China)