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Sandblasted Marble Pool House

Sandblasted Marble Pool House Design

Marble is a material that comes from the depths of history and is used as an aesthetic expression in space designs. As Kar Maden, we develop special projects for your pools within our services in this field. While we create an endless space for you with our various marble selections, we also add a special atmosphere to your pools. While making your pools safe with our Sandblasted Marble Pool House Design, it will also be the pioneer of a unique design.
You can use all of our products not only in and around the pool, but also in every area, along with our artworks created in the field of marble. When you want to create a new atmosphere in your balconies and landscaping arrangements, you can use our products that we provide specially protected marble sandblasting. Say hello to this innovation in your lives with the difference of Kar Maden!

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Marble Sandblasting

The combination of decoration and design with natural stones should be done in special works. Marble sandblasting is one of the processes to be suitable for use in your pools. All processes such as decoration, restoration and cleaning on natural stone surfaces are called sandblasting. As Kar Maden, we follow a sensitive working process in all of our marbles.
The marble sandblasting process, which is made with special production machines, ensures that the material structure looks clean and vibrant. It creates a special protection area in our buildings that will be engraved on pool sides, balconies or landscaping. As the water and other chemicals in the pool do not damage the surface, you can safely use the marble structure without any deterioration.

Naturel Stones

In our marble sandblasting pool villa project, all the designs you will use in the pool area, balcony or landscape arrangements are created by Kar Maden. Modern, innovative natural lines are applied on the stones and the processes are completed to take their final form. We pay special attention to the protection of the stone structure at every stage from design to formation.
We combine the story of marble, which extends from the dust pages of architectural history to the present, with aesthetics, appearance and naturalness. We are working to create a more special area in your pools with our structures that we finalized with marble sandblasting. You can add a different atmosphere to your home with the marble designs you want to use exclusively around and inside your pools.
Kar Maden offers designs that will preserve its elegance in every period by creating a timeless structure in its business with innovations. Together with our Sandblasted Marble Pool House Design, we bring the modern melodies of the classic look to your homes.