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Dekoratif Yüzeyler

About Split Face

Split Face Natural Stones are wall cladding materials which are produced by breaking of Stones with some of the special machines in our Muğla Factory. That is why we call it as Split Faces. As a final process, with 1st class materials, Stones are ready for final use in your decoration area.

Split Face Stones are extracted from the mines by natural methods without using any chemical materials. Natural Stones have long life and healthy cause they %100 natural and direclty a gift from the Mother Nature. It means you can apply it any place as decoration material safely. For your fireplace, garden wall, room, and all your walls

Split Face Features

In addition to being strong and durable, the other important feature of marble is its very elegant structure. The garden is one of the places where marble fits best in home decoration. All the details used, from to the flooring, add quality and aesthetics to the. Due to the hygienic and texture of marble, it is also suitable for rooms and garden.

%100 natural

Mugla White Marble have an elegant and beautiful appearance.

They are durable and long lasting.

They can be easily cleaned and provides a hygienic environment.

Safe for your wet areas because it have water resistant and non slip.

As Kar Maden, our Muğla White and Polar White marbles, which we carefully extract from our own quarries and process in our factory, draw attention among our selections. With the elegance and simplicity of white, it can be easily used in many environments such as kitchen countertops, flooring, bathroom and poolside. As Kar Maden, we make you feel the privilege of marble while offering you options in special sizes to enable perfect solutions in different living spaces. You can contact us to have solid and ostentatious marble models that allow us to witness history!

Marble Surface Finishes

After the marble tiles are cut with special dimensions, different results can be obtained by going through different processes. As a result of these processes, the brightness, dullness and durability properties of the marble can be improved. As Kar Maden, we provide professional consultancy to our customers, help determine the marble surface type that will be required in their projects, and we process the marble chosen by our customers in our own factory and make it perfect for them.

Brushed Marble Tiles

Polished Marble Tiles

Honed Marble Tiles

Sandblasted Marble Tiles

Feel the Privileges with Kar Maden

We are always with our customers. We are at your side within the scope of Kar Maden Customer Menu support in order to provide you with the best service from the production process to the transportation process and after-sales support in order to complete your projects with confidence.


We process the marble you need in our factory with millimetric measures and make sales after quality control.


We carefully pack the marbles to reach you undamaged and work with the best companies.


Our professional team is with you to choose the right features for your projects and to provide project consultancy.

After Sale Support

We continue to provide you with technical advice after sales and we do our best to provide you with the support you need.