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Our Products

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Marble Types

When choosing marble, the color, texture and pattern of marble are of great importance. We have a large marble collection extracted from our “Pinetta” and “Dolomite” marble quarries located in Muğla/Turkey.

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Marble Water Jet Mosaic (1)

Cut to Size Marbles

We produce marble solutions suitable for the needs of our customers. With our wide range of products, we produce marbles in special sizes to meet the needs of our customers with high quality blocks extracted from our marble quarries and flashy marble slabs that we cut in our factory.

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black marble blocks

Mermer Blocks

It is the unprocessed form of marble, an old building material. Marble, which is in mass form in nature, is extracted in blocks using various cutting methods. As Kar Maden, we produce quality marble blocks by performing our marble extraction processes with diamond wire cutting method, which is one of the most modern methods.

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marble manufacturing

Surface finishes

It is possible to change the properties such as brightness, durability and surface resistance by processing the sized marbles. In our factory, we produce products suitable for your usage needs by applying processes such as sandblasting, honing, brushing, polishing and hammering.

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Marble Countertops

We offer you looms that reflect the aesthetics, naturalness and beauty of marble in the best way with its unique patterns. We manufacture all-natural, long-lasting, healthy and economical countertops for your bathrooms and kitchens according to your usage needs.

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