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Marble Block

Marble Block

Marble block; It is the unprocessed version of marble, an ancient building material, recently extracted from the quarry. Marble found in nature is extracted in blocks using various cutting methods. As Kar Maden, we carry out our marble extraction processes with diamond wire cutting method, which is one of the most modern methods.

Since it is a type of mine extracted in marble blocks. It is possible to sell blocks in accordance with the demand. Qualified studies are carried out on the quality of blocks of different sizes and weights. In this sense, it is ensured that marble is transformed into a valuable building material before it is delivered to the end user. You can also benefit from the blocks we provide to factories and big business partners that usually process marble.
As Kar Maden, we accept that it is our biggest goal to ensure the perfection of the blocks that form the basis of our export items. Moreover, we aim to offer customized solutions for you without ignoring the standards in diversity.

Marble Block Types

The types of marble blocks are basically similar to marble. The distinctive feature of the blocks is that they are not yet processed and have not been subject to an application. It is possible to process the blocks that are brought together with you as they are taken from nature, or to be delivered to you in raw form.
When you buy Turkey’s most valuable mineral resources in the form of one block of marble that can be included on both the interior exterior design. Start to benefit from Kar Maden’s advantages for marble options that can be shaped specifically for your request!

Black Marble Tiles
White Marble Tiles

Kar Maden Offers Privileges!

If you want to buy marble for your different needs, you can feel the privileges by contacting us. We support you, our valued customers, who have difficulties in choosing marble and care about quality. Just call us to take advantage of the expert point of view in marble.
We aim to help you with our marble block and all our other solutions. You can reach all the details about marble by calling us.