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Karmaden kumlama

ancient heritage



a new modern grey marble

Pıneta Black

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kar maden black marble bathroom design All Natural Stone

Design Elements

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kar maden beige marble flooring

a blend of beige marble

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kar marden black white marble wall cladding

beuty of black & white marble


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mermer fircalama

durable and long-lasting

Outdoor Applications

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Kar Maden Marble Products


Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are an exquisite & deluxe choice for just about any space in your home. Because marble is just like other natural stones; it is durable and really easy to clean.

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Marble Cladding

From the The Supreme Court Building in Washington to the The Leaning Tower of Pisa, marble has been used to create some of the most remarkable master pieces in the world. Let that legacy be a part of your home.

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Marble Slabs

Marble slabs are both modern and classic architectural material and is suitable for a variety of applications from countertops to building facades.

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Marble Blocks

Since it is a type of mine extracted in marble blocks, it is possible to sell blocks in accordance with the demand. Qualified studies are carried out on the quality of blocks of different sizes and weights.

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Expert Team

We open the door to perfect services with our expert team to provide the best quality products to the consumer in the marble sector. To meet the consumer with the Kar Maden brand and to make you meet with the more successful shopping process is the greatest desire of our expert team! Our team, which has spent many years in the marble sector, offers flawless solutions to meet the demands of you with maximum quality!

Save Time

Never forget that working with a brand that has proven its success in marble in national and international markets will save your time. As Kar Maden, we act in a planned and selfless way throughout our work. We know that unplanned work will negatively affect not only our service to the consumer, but also quality. With this understanding, we define our most valuable principle as using time correctly.

Quality guarantee

Kar Maden, which is moving towards becoming the most successful brand in Turkey thanks to its marble quality, also aims to carry its success to international markets. Acting with the understanding that quality is possible by using the right techniques and environmentally friendly methods. Choosing marble with Kar Maden guarantee to feel the quality will be completely different!

Eco Friendly

Our main priority in marble production processes is to protect the nature, not profitability. Human life can’t be sustainable in a situation where nature will be damaged. Moreover, we never approve of solutions against nature that will prevent the continuity of marble production! We make environmentally friendly choices in all our marble quarries and factories, while keeping quality at the forefront in production.