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Our Story

Our Story

Kar Maden is established at 1994. Since then we are uncovering the wealth beneath Mugla region of Turkey with the maximum environmental concerns. We are aware of the unavoidable changes we are causing during work process, that is why we focus on the quality not the quantity. We offer nothing but the best marble which are being produced in our own quarries and factories so we can control the quality through all stages.

Our operations comprise two mining sites and one factory in Mugla. Using our sector knowledge and strong supply base, we source and market a noble stone “Pineta”, an ancient heritage “Ibiza White” and “Leine (dolomite)” to elegant consumers. People are at the heart of our business.

We design and produce all elements of natural stone for your projects.

That’s why we prioritise safety at all our assets; why we seek to minimise our impacts on the environment and communities; and why we aim to attract employees who strive to be leaders in their field.