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Marble Countertops


The miracle of nature, marble, with its unique beauty, is included in all architectural and artistic projects, especially in kitchen, bathroom, floor, exterior and wall coverings.

About Marble Design

Naturally, you want to have a stylish kitchen that suits your taste. Have you ever thought about designing your dream kitchen from a natural stone that is a miracle of the earth?

When it comes to the choice of countertops, marble remains the most advantageous choice for many homeowners. It is not surprising that the unique aesthetic patterns and reverse jumps caused by the formation of marble in nature are so popular. Do not forget that the patterns of your countertop, which is the biggest element in your kitchen design, are unique to your kitchen and unique in the world. Marble is a great option to give your daily living spaces a natural, stylish look and feel privileged.

Why Marble Countertops ?

Marble surfaces are natural, do not contain substances harmful to human health. It provides you and your family with a healthy and safe use. It is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Using cleaners made for marble, you can easily use it clean and well-groomed with the help of a soft textured cloth.

Compared to porcelain and quartz surfaces, marble is a natural material that is quite durable and more affordable. You will have unique designs in your kitchen without depending on the numbered color options of fabricated countertops. Marble products continue to attract attention for thousands of years with tons of benefits and advantages. Practically speaking, different domestic trends can fade over time, but marble rarely goes out of fashion, and the marble stone ages well. This makes your investment worthwhile.

Bathroom Countertops

Feel comfortable with the warmth that natural stones such as marble bring to your bathroom. Think about what you want from an en-suite bathroom.

While every stone and material has its benefits, very few countertops offer the elegant aesthetics of marble. Your marble bathroom is a great option and many satisfied customers prefer marble countertops for their en-suite bathrooms.

Advantages of Marble Worktops

  • In terms of price, it can be supplied at more affordable prices compared to other natural stones and fabricated productions.
  • They are extremely convenient to ensure aesthetic and decorative harmony in kitchens. Their unique appearance and shiny surfaces are an extremely important advantage combined with the air they add to the environment.
  • Marbles have an extremely durable structure due to the effect of the components in their structure. They do not wear out easily, can maintain their naturalness, shape and showiness for many years.
  • Marble surfaces naturally have the ability to keep microscopic particles away. Therefore, if we think about marble in terms of health, marble can keep your home away from pathogens and allergens.
  • As long as you prefer cleaning products that are suitable for marble surfaces, it does not require an extra cleaning process.
  • Marble tables, countertops and surfaces damaged due to irregular maintenance or improper use can regain their former beauty and sparkle with the procedures to be performed.
  • Marble is heat-resistant; however, one should be careful with hot pots and pans in the kitchen and hot hair tools in the bathroom.

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Taking into account all these recommendations, have a tremendous ambiance in the kitchen, dining room or other areas of your home with the aesthetic and stylish appearance of marble. You can browse our products to experience the pleasure of having marble products and to capture these tremendous beauties in your living spaces. Our marble models in different colors and models and various products produced from these models are ready for you.

Start taking advantage of our performance-oriented alternatives to take advantage of these exclusive options and benefit from quality-oriented solutions! As Kar Maden, we bring together special marble varieties with you. Contact us now to reshape your living space! The solution to high standards, flawless features and much more is at Kar Maden!