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Marble Surface Finishes

Polished Marble

Polished marble is a type of marble in which the color of the marbles can be seen more clearly. A brighter and more vibrant appearance is obtained by polishing the marbles with a polishing machine.

black marble karoz black

Honed Marble

Marble honing is the process of smoothing marble surfaces and making them semi-matte. Thus, light reflections are prevented. At this point, since the polish is not shiny, it will be very resistant to scratching.

kar maden honed marble

Sandblasted Marble

Marble sandblasting refers to a process performed by sandblasting machines. . Generally, varnished marble slabs are subjected to sandblasting to make them suitable for floor coverings.

kar maden sandblasted marble

Sanblasted + Brushed Marble

The surface resistance and durability of the marble are significantly increased by the sandblasting process. With the brushing process, the real texture of the marble becomes more visible.

kar maden sandblasted brushed marble