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Brushed Marble

Brushed Marble

Brushed marble; These are marbles that give a sour texture to marble, tile, granite, concrete surfaces with special abrasive brushes attached to the machines. Brushed surface marble has a textured surface created by brushing the stone with soft wire brushes. This finish has a beautiful, aged and worn look that is classic and timeless. Brushed marble tiles are suitable for wall and floor applications for both indoor and outdoor projects.
The marble brushing process is also referred to as patinato. As a result of this process, the natural texture and pores of the stone on the surface are created. This surface provides an antique look. In addition, a soft texture occurs on the surface. In addition to this, a more appealing appearance is created in the space.

Where To Use Brushed Marble

Brushed marble is generally applied to increase the surface resistance of the marbles. Brushed marble, which is preferred to give a much more pleasant appearance to the floor, is also preferred to ensure the full adhesion of the object pasted on the concrete for another purpose.
A brushed surface brings the rich color of the stone to its full potential. When it comes to flooring, brushed marbles offer an extremely stylish look. It can create a luxurious color and interest; however, a polished granite becomes very slippery when wet, so applications need to be careful and conscious. While granite is a nice choice, a polished surface may need to be backed by non-slip rugs to help prevent falls, such as in the bathroom where it will be exposed to moisture from steam showers.

Top Quality Marble Types

Marbles are preferred in different ways according to their usage areas. In this direction, it is possible for individuals to choose marble types according to their wishes. If you want to choose the most suitable marble among these marbles, you are at the right place. The only thing you have to do is to examine the products offered by our company in detail and to order immediately. In this direction, you can get the opportunity to have the highest quality and durable marble products in a short time.