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Polished Marble

Polished Marble

When the marbles are extracted from nature, they are unpolished. For this reason, their colors are not exactly clear. The marble that is brought from the marble quarries to the factories in the form of blocks or rubble is then turned into slabs with gangsaw machines. Later, it should be stated that the marbles are offered for sale by sizing the slabs. In order to reveal the true color and brightness of the marble, polishing must be done. At this point, the concept of polished marble emerges.

How Do You Polish Marble?

As mentioned above, some of the marbles are polished by entering the slab polishing machines in the factory and wiping. The other part of the marbles is sized as slabs to be erased immediately after being erased. Marbles are sold in two forms as polished marble and unpolished marble at the time of sale from the factory. The prices of polished marbles and unpolished marbles are different from each other. The marbles to be covered on the walls and stairs are usually polished. The marbles to be laid on the ground are preferred without varnish because they are less costly and will be scratched in the construction area. However, after the construction work, the marbles must be wiped and polished. With the completion of all construction works, the apartments and workplaces are becoming to be delivered with the realization of the wiping and polishing works.
We talked about how important the polishing process is for marbles. In order to obtain the natural appearance of the marble, the polishing process should be done in the best and professional way. This ensures a pleasant appearance of the marbles.

Top Quality Polished Marble

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