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Split Face

About Split Face

Blasting Stone takes its name from the production process. Stones brought to appropriate sizes are produced by breaking with the help of presses in special machines.

It consists of calcite crystals interlocked in marble. This crystals allows the formation of shiny surfaces on the blasting marble. The complex internal tissues in the formation of natural stone break in completely different ways with each stroke and provide a natural and unique texture.

Split Face Features

It is produced by completely natural methods without any chemicals and heat treatment. Natural stones are long-lasting, environmentally friendly and healthy. You can safely apply it in your interior and exterior areas.

It does not bring additional paint costs. Does not fade over the years. You can use exterior cladding, fireplace, garden walls for many years in your outdoor spaces.

In addition to being robust and durable, another important feature of marble is that it provides thermal insulation. The natural porous structure of the stone is a breathable insulation material. Stone houses can stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

The color of Muğla Black Marble comes from the black manganese oxides it contains. Its black and crystalline structure takes on a lighter color on sunny days and allows the sun to be reflected. On rainy days, its color darkens and attracts more sunlight.

Due to the hygienic and texture of marble, it is also suitable for your kitchen and rooms. Indoors, the vacuum cleaner can dust off with a brush apparatus; In your outdoor applications, you can easily clean it with the help of water cannon and brush. Surfaces are not affected by seasonal conditions and do not cause flaking and spillage. It does not require extra care and retains its beauty for many years.