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Honed Marble

Honed Marble

A polished stone surface indicates that the surface is extremely smooth. The smoothness makes it very easy for the light to reflect from it. The smoother the stone, the more reflective it becomes. This is because the light stays together while reflecting off the stone, such that each ray bounces off the surface in the same direction. Of course, when a marble surface becomes rough and scratched, the light is reflected in all different directions. This rough surface causes the light to refract and our eyes perceive a dull slab of marble.
We can re-polish the marble by honing and polishing. Marble honing is simply a method of polishing the stone and creating a smoother surface. After the rough spots have been removed, the marble will have a matte surface. At this point, the polish will be very scratch resistant as it is not shiny. There will be no clear reflection when the light shines on it, but the surface will appear smooth. Honed marble will act like a sponge and absorb any spilled liquid! Liquids should be wiped off immediately from all stone surfaces, whether honed or polished.

What is Honed Marble

Honing is the process performed to maximize the slippery resistance of the floor in order to create the semi-matte appearance of the marbles and to prevent the light reflections.
Marble is a metamorphic rock. Marble is a non-foliating rock, which means it does not have a layered appearance. These two properties make up the general appearance of the rock itself. Now, most marbles are made of limestone, which is a stone composed mostly of calcium carbonate. Calcium-carbonate is extremely sensitive to acids. So much so that calcium binds with the extra hydrogen in the acid and gets damaged. This is just one of the many damages done to a stone’s beautiful, shiny surface. So how do we get that shiny look in the stage?

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