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Sandblasted Marble

Sandblasted Marble

Marble sandblasting refers to a process performed by sandblasting machines. Generally, varnished marble slabs are subjected to sandblasting to make them suitable for floor coverings.

Sandblasted marble provides a special surface that enhances the natural appearance of the stone. This type of finish is achieved using a high pressure blast method that makes the surface rough and opaque while keeping the surface smooth and even.

The sandblasting technique is very similar to traditional polishes such as brush hammering. However, costs are more reasonable and completion times are significantly faster. For many projects and design elements, the use of the combination of sandblasting and polishing proved particularly interesting due to the striking contrast produced.

Marble Sandblasting Technique

Sandblasted marble is also particularly suitable for precise work on hard-to-reach or very small surfaces and other artistic work, such as carving inscriptions, decorative motifs and pictures on marble and stone.
Sandblasted marble is also used in exterior cladding where a non-slip finish is required. It is also used in the restoration and maintenance of stone cornices and portals, as well as to provide a thorough cleaning of surfaces in preparation for the implementation of subsequent preservation processes.

How Does The Marble Sandblasting Process Work?

Marble sandblasting machine, as can be understood from its name, is a machine that is required for sandblasting the surfaces of products such as marble, granite, basalt, sheet metal, border, paving stone and various casting runners. The parts that need to be sandblasted move with the conveyor belts on the machines and sand the part surface both from the top and the side with the turbines placed in the machine body in the most appropriate way.

Sandblasting of semi-finished and finished products that can be moved with a conveyor belt in order to blast the products in the fastest way is one of the most basic and important advantages of the continuous system.

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