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Marble Tiles

Marble Tiles

It is possible to benefit from the eye-catching qualities of marble and to create solutions that make a difference in your living spaces with marble flooring! We are bringing together the special tiles and flooring products in Turkey with you
Humankind has been evaluating the resources in nature for centuries to the maximum and aims to achieve flawlessness in every subject. Marble, which is valuable in creating visually flawless structures, is a blessing offered by nature to humanity. It is also preferred as marble flooring used in outdoor coatings, floor coverings and wall coverings. Regardless of the area of use, it is only possible to reach marble with the same quality with the advantages of Kar Maden!

Marble Tile Models

While marble usually reveals similar lines when used outdoors. It is accepted that marble used in business space designs creates different options. The flooring, whose color and pattern composition is diversified visually, affects human life deeply with this aspect. You can achieve a successful result by using marble solutions suitable for your home design.

Although color and price are generally evaluated among the marble flooring options, it is known that the marble selected according to the usage area provides much more perfect use. It can be said that the marble, which will not wear out easily thanks to its durability, will also eliminate the problem of constantly renewing the tiles. All these features highlight the value of the right choice in marble.

Black Marble Tiles
White Marble Tiles

Marble Surface Finishes

After the marble tiles are cut with special dimensions, different results can be obtained by going through different processes. As a result of these processes, the brightness, dullness and durability properties of the marble can be improved. As Kar Maden, we provide professional consultancy to our customers, help determine the marble surface type that will be required in their projects, and we process the marble chosen by our customers in our own factory and make it perfect for them.

Brushed Marble Tiles
Polished Marble Tiles
Honed Marble Tiles
Sandblasted Marble Tiles

Feel the Marble Privilege with Kar Maden

We bring marble, one of the indispensable elements of your interior designs, with special dimensions and patterns. While conducting special studies to achieve quality in marble, we make great efforts to bring the quality to the top.
If you want to feel the privilege of marble in your buildings, you can contact Kar Maden. After choosing one of the precious marble options. You can make production in the sizes you want. It will be a very enjoyable experience to buy marble with short supply time and successful workmanship! Moreover, budget-friendly alternatives will also please you!