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Marble Facade Cladding

About Marble Facade Cladding

Marble facade cladding adds a distinctive character to the architecture, which is a pleasant blend of modern and classical styles. It is no coincidence that the buildings of the Acropolis of Athens, the Roman Coliseum, Michelangelo’s David or the Taj Mahal are made of marble. People have covered what they want to glorify with marble. Today, architects apply marble cladding to residences, villas and elite hotels.

Marble Facade Cladding Features

A versatile and timeless material, marble is natural and durable. With the right marble selection and a successful craftsmanship, your building will maintain its elegance for many years. As Kar Maden, we carefully process our high quality marbles in accordance with your project and deliver them to you safely.

%100 natural

A modern and elegant look

Thermal insulation

Durable and long lasting.


Easy to clean, hygienic

Feel the Privileges with Kar Maden

We are always with our customers. We are at your side within the scope of Kar Maden Customer Menu support in order to provide you with the best service from the production process to the transportation process and after-sales support in order to complete your projects with confidence.


We process the marble you need in our factory with millimetric measures and make sales after quality control.


We carefully pack the marbles to reach you undamaged and work with the best companies.


Our professional team is with you to choose the right features for your projects and to provide project consultancy.

After Sale Support

We continue to provide you with technical advice after sales and we do our best to provide you with the support you need.