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Marble Slab

Marble Slab

Marble slab; It is a type of marble, which is one of the most important building materials used by humanity for centuries, cut into slabs in certain sizes.
The width of the usage areas of marble and its appearance that will provide visual perfection in human life increases the demand for marble day by day. It is actually a marble mine that prepares the ground for design wonders by using it in indoor and outdoor coatings. This unique value offered by nature to humanity becomes a plate after various processes. Marble in the form of slabs turns into the most valuable parts of your buildings. You can choose Kar Maden for the best marble with serious color and quality!

How to Determine Marble Slab Sizes?

Although the marble slab is visually striking, it is the dimensions that attract people’s attention in functional terms. The understanding of preparing marbles that are prepared in accordance with the demands of the consumer is tailored to demand rather than a single measure. As Kar Maden, we consider it more valuable to create customer-specific solutions rather than standardizing. Based on this understanding, we bring marble with you in different dimensions.
We care about keeping precision in the plate dimensions. For this reason, we take care to stick to the measurements while offering customized solutions.

Marble Selection For Marble Slabs

The pattern of each marble plate is unique. Even slabs from the same marble block can have different hues. It is very important for us to choose the right marble slab for your projects.

Check out our marble varieties and contact us.

Black Marble Tiles
White Marble Tiles

High Quality Marble slabs with Kar Maden

You can choose us to have customized marble solutions that make a difference with their visuality. Thanks to its variety of colors, Kar Maden manages to produce solutions suitable for different usage areas and brings you marbles that will amaze everyone.
In addition to the visual perfection of marble and its special size, budget-friendly solutions will also form the basis for you to choose Kar Maden’s advantages. Are you ready to meet with special prices that will encourage the use of marble?  We aim to support you thanks to our dazzling products and our understanding that brings customer relations and shopping to a different point.
You can get information about the perfect marble slab options by contacting us.